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A-rack's TIER III Certify Natural Air Cooling Modular Data Center 300kW

A-RACK’s high prefabricated data center EDGEasyfree full series ranging from 50kw-300kw have successfully achieved TIER-Ready III certification of Uptime Institute. The TIER-Ready EDGEasyfree series consists of five basic topological units with the same TIER III topology. Each BTU unit is standardized design and prefabricated production. Through the flexible combination of the basic BTU, customer not only can directly have 50kw to 300kw TIER READY data center, but also can easily achieve the TIER-Ready Data Center over 300KW by real TIER III level prefabricated deployment.
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Product Overview

A-racks Natural Air Cooling Modular Data Center: E2F-R30M-300TR

A-rack’s EDGEASY free natural cooling module is a prefabricated and efficient data center solution. A-rack's natural cooling solution integrates multiple physical infrastructure subsystems; all components are fully prefabricated and tested in the factory before it is delivered to the customer site. RakworX natural cooling module helps customers realize rapid deployment, end-to-end one-stop delivery and digital operation and maintenance through intelligent management and operation software.

Greater Flexibility

Modular Construction

lFully modular design

lExpandable as needed

lSaves time & Money on expansion enabling rapid deployment for scaling up with your business

lIdeal for Hospitals, Universities, IT companies, and Edge Computing Sites.

lProvides the best balance for IT components, cooling and management systems within a single module.

lUtilizes standard 19” 42U server racks

lEnsures everything fits and functions properly

Fully Prefabricated

More Energy Efficient

lAll components are precision-engineered, factory tested and integrated to ensure a perfect fit.

lEasier, faster and more accurately assembled on site

lIdeal for both indoor and outdoor applications

lSaves time on design, manufacture and installation which saves money


lUses natural outside air, evaporative cooling in addition to cold & hot dual-aisle containment

lGrade G2 pre-filter removes impurities such as dust from the air

lGrade F8 mid-filter thoroughly filters chemical pollutants protecting IT equipment from sulfide and nitrogen oxide erosion

lDifferential pressure sensors let you know when it’s time to replace the filters-no guseeing or wasting time

lAchieves an average annual PUE(Power Usage Effectiveness) lower than 1.1

Technical Specification


Physical Measurement

5800mmWx 3000mmDx 5100mmH

Rack Size

(30) 600mm (W) x 1200mm (D) x 42U



Max. IT Loading

300 kW

Max. Cooling Capacity

50 kW

 Power Distribution

Nominal Input Voltage

380V AC, 3PH, 50 Hz

Maximum Input Current

600 A

Power Distribution Panel



Rackmount, 32A,AP1000 series, (2) per rack

Input 380V, output (18) C13+ (6) C19


270kW per UPS; on-line dual transform mode (optional)


VRLA –(optional)

Backup Time

5 min @ full load capacity ( adjustable )



Natural fresh air + Evaporation + Supplemental cooling


300 kW

Internal  Operation  Humidity

10% - 95%

Internal Operation Temperature

15.6℃ ~ 26.7℃ 


Monitor & Control System and Security System

DSCV Management System

Power, cooling, security, environment monitoring & control, PUE display


(2) Main Exit + (2) Emergency exit

Environment Monitoring

 (4) lock


15” tactile screen

Serial Server


Monitoring points

Input voltage , current, frequency, active power, harmonic measurement, on/off , cooling temperature, cooling operation status, temperature, humidity, smoke, leak, door access etc.

Alarm point

Power failure alarm, over-voltage alarm, currency over loading alarm, on/off switching alarm, over heat alarm, leak alarm, smoke alarm



Operation Condition & Compliant
Operation Condition
Elevation: 0 -3000m ( derate ) Temperature :-20℃~45℃ Humidity :5-100% RH, non-condensing
Seismic Grade
EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3
UL,TUV,EMC, CE, EN/IEC 60950-1
Power Distribution
Smart busbar, power distribution panel
Switch / meter, output (18) C13+(6) C19
Supplemental Cooling
DX cooling/ Chilled water cooling
L Bracket
Installed to 19”rack, loading 50kgs
Blanking Panel
1U, 2U, 4U toolless mounting
Door Lock
Tactile electrical lock
Door Access
Finger print, face recognition system
Nominal Input Voltage
380V AC, 3PH, 50 Hz
T/H, smoking sensors
T/H Sensors, Smoking Sensors , RS485
Leakage Sensor
24V LED light, 11”(300mm)(with on/off, can be serial connected)