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A-RACK’s high prefabricated data center appeared in the 9th CDCC

Date :2021-03-29  Read:838

A-Rack Information Technology Co., Ltd. design and manufacture IT Data Center application technologies. The company headquarters are located in Suzhou New District, Jiangsu China. A-Rack has a modern, world-class production line and quality control system. The A-Rack engineering department is located on-site in the company facilities. A-Rack’s main product lines are Network Cabinets, Server Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, Open Racks and Cooling Room products.                    

In September 2020, A-RACK’s high prefabricated data center EDGEasyfree full series ranging from 50kw-300kw have successfully achieved TIER-Ready III certification of Uptime Institute. It is the world’s first full series of fully prefabricated data center manufacturers approved by the TIER III level. The TIER-Ready EDGEasyfree series consists of five basic topological units with the same TIER III topology. Each BTU unit is standardized design and prefabricated production. Through the flexible combination of the basic BTU, customer not only can directly have 50kw to 300kw TIER READY data center, but also can easily achieve the TIER-Ready Data Center over 300kw by real TIER III level prefabricated deployment.                    


A-Rack’s design team has more than 10 years of experience in the design and manufacturing process of high-and network cabinetry. The leadership of A-Rack has formed a complete des555555ign process so that the design team and QA are located together inside the manufacturing facility. A strict production process and standard techniques provide quality technical products to serve the IT industry.